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Hey there everyone!  I'm happy to announce that you can now listen to Swing City Radio on TuneIn.  This is exciting news because TuneIn boasts a listening audience of over 30 million users in just the United States alone.  My hopes are that this added exposure will introduce Big Band Music to so many more people and turn them on to this great, vintage music.

I'm also very excited for my current listeners as well.  TuneIn provides new ways to listen to Swing City Radio on all types of smart home devices, in your car, on your TV, on gaming platforms and hundreds of other devices.  Their smart phone app has been the standard for years and is one of the major reasons I wanted to get on the platform.  So if you are already a fan of Swing City Radio, access to listening has become even wider.

This should be a lot of fun to see how this increases exposure to Swing City Radio and I'm eager to see how much our little community of Big Band fans grows.  If you'd like to listen on TuneIn just put "Swing City Radio" into the search bar while on TuneIn, or click here to go directly to our station page.

And don't forget to mark Swing City Radio as a FAVORITE!  Enjoy.

~ Ronnaldo

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