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Shorty Sherock will always be known more as a great sideman.  In the 1930's, he was a sought out trumpeter playing for the orchestras of Ben Pollack, Jimmy Dorsey and Bob Crosby.  The 1940's saw Sherock spend time in the bands of Gene Krupa, Tommy Dorsey, Raymond Scott, Bud Freeman, Alvino Rey and Horace Heidt.  As you can see, Shorty Sherock's finger prints (or I should say, trumpet playing) are all over the Big Band Era.

In 1945, he decided to lead his own band.  Shorty Sherock and His Orchestra were a talented unit but unfortunately they didn't last long.  They disband in 1946.  But luckily, there was a Radio Remote that was recorded of one of their performances from the Glen Island Casino.  It was a great show that took place on August 7, 1945 and the sound quality was great.  Some of the songs featured were: "Lame Brain", "Four Bones" and "I Miss Your Kiss".  You can hear those songs along with others from that performance right here on Swing City Radio.

Listen to: "Lame Brain" by Shorty Sherock

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