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Bandleader and vocalist, Bob Crosby, was such a fantastic performer and experienced a large amount of success and popularity during the Big Band Era.  He's best know for his Dixieland group "The Bob-Cats" and throughout his career he hosted many radio shows and starred on television as well.  Bob was also the younger brother of Bing Crosby.

Bob Crosby got his start as a vocalist for the "Rhythm Boys" in the early 1930's.  The Rhythm Boys also included the Dorsey Brothers and Anson Weeks.  By 1935, Crosby was already leading his own band and this was about the time Bob formed his band within a band, The Bob-Cats, that ended up becoming his most popular stamp on the era.

In the late 30's, Crosby began hosting the Camel Caravan, which helped cement his future in radio.  From that point forward, like his older brother, Bob became a staple on the airwaves.  His shows "The Bob Crosby Show" and "Club Fifteen" provide this station with so much great material.  

Crosby served 18 months with the US Marines during World War II.  Most of that time was spent touring the Pacific with bands on morale missions and entertaining the troops.

In the 1950's, Crosby replaced Phil Harris as the bandleader on the Jack Benny Program.

Listen to: "Big Noise From Winnetka" by Bob Crosby from 1940

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