Playlist: More GI Jill Added

Picture of GI Jill

I just wanted to let you all know that I've recently added more GI Jill intros to the "After Dark" rotation.  You can now hear her introduce songs by artists like Bunny Berigan, Dinah Shore, Hal McIntyre, Jimmie Lunceford and a few dozen more.

GI Jill (Martha Wilkerson) had such a unique, personable delivery that was so ahead of its time.  Her show, GI Jive, was among the most popular to ever appear on AFRS. 

You can hear the voice of "the girl next door" every night on Swing City Radio's most popular show "After Dark".  If you haven't listened in yet, I highly recommend it.  It streams daily from 8pm until Midnight(ET) and also features old Commercial spots and Public Service Announcement to give it the true feel of Old Time Radio.  Oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention all that great Big Band music rescued from the dusty archives of old radio broadcasts and transcriptions. Check it out.  Enjoy!

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