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In the early 1940's, Vaughn Monroe's Band started to make quite a name for itself.  It was also around this time that Monroe decided to add female backing vocals to his mix.  At different times throughout the 40's, he enlisted the help of both The Moon Maids and The Murphy Sisters. But, in my opinion, the vocal group that made the most impact and fit in so well with his style was The Norton Sisters.  

The Norton Sisters originally consisted of sisters, Betty, Dottie, and Grace Norton. An additional vocalist, Maree Lee, who had been with the Lee Sisters, joined the group a little later becoming the fourth member.

The Norton's became very popular while performing with Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra.
But their success only lasted a few years.  In 1946,  Dottie and Grace both got married and left the group, which pretty much ended things.  Betty Norton stayed on with Vaughn Monroe as a featured vocalist for about a year, before leaving to work with Skitch Henderson and later, Hal McIntyre's Band. Maree Lee, became a part of the Moon Maids and they picked up where the Norton's left off.

Even though their time with Monroe was on the short side, they still managed to leave their mark on Monroe's sound and their impact can be heard in Monroe's early string of hits.

Listen to: "Love On A Greyhound Bus" by Vaughn Monroe with backing vocals by The Norton Sisters.

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