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Blue Barron, born Harry Freidman, led one of the more successful "Mickey Mouse" bands of the 1940's and 50's.  Billed as the band that played "The Music of Yesterday and Today", Barron's Orchestra was cut from the same cloth as the bands of Guy Lombardo, Sammy Kaye and Kay Kyser.  He even featured the same "singing song title" gimmick.  He ran the band as a business, and he was VERY good at it and made a boatload of money.

Blue Barron had a huge following for a time. During the early 50's, Barron sold out ballrooms all across the country and was constantly booked and on tour.

I recently cut up and touched up one of his appearances on "One Night Stand".  I hate to admit it, but I found myself liking many of the songs that I heard.  Hmm, maybe my tastes are getting a little more "Sweeter" as I get older. Nah, I refuse to believe that.  I think I was just in some weird mood.  😀

Anyway, you can hear some "select" songs by Blue Barron right here on Swing City Radio.

Listen to: "Cruising Down The River" by Blue Barron

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