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Clyde Lucas got his start as a young trombonist and singer for a band called the Herb Wiedoeft Orchestra.  In the early 1930's he launched his own band and eventually became known as "Clyde Lucas and his California Dons".  During the early and mid 1930's, just before the Swing movement took over, the "Schmaltzy and Sweet" style was still the most popular on the airwaves and in the ballrooms in the United States.  Lucas embraced this style for a time and grew in popularity. The band also recorded background music for some of the early talkies.  His music was perfect for that.

By the time the 1940's rolled in, Swing had taken the country by storm Clyde Lucas attempted to adapt.  He dropped the "California Dons" and became known simply as, "Clyde Lucas and His Orchestra".  It was about this time that vocalist Gloria Wood joined the band, and they enjoyed some moderate success.

By the end of the 1940's, Clyde decided to call it quits and went on to become a professional golfer in the 1960's.

Listen to "Night Over Shanghai" by Clyde Lucas and his California Dons from 1937.

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