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Jo Stafford began her career in the late 1930's and by 1955, she had achieved more worldwide record sales than any other female artist.  Ironically, Jo had originally underwent classical training to become an opera singer before following a career in popular music.

While still in high school, Jo joined up with her two older sisters to form a vocal trio called the Stafford Sisters.  The trio enjoyed some moderate success in radio and film.  In 1938, Jo left her sisters to become the lead singer of the vocal group, The Pied Pipers.  By 1939, bandleader Tommy Dorsey had hired The Pied Pipers to perform back-up vocals for his orchestra.

In the early 1940's, The Pied Pipers experienced a lot of success and exposure performing Dorsey.  Stafford was also used as a featured vocalist for Dorsey as well. 

The mid-forties saw Stafford move on from Dorsey and The Pied Pipers to embark on a solo career. (Note: Stafford would continue to make appearances from time to time with The Pied Pipers throughout the 40's.)  She also performed in MANY U.S.O. concerts for the soldiers during World War II and earned the nickname "G.I. Jo".

Starting in 1945, Stafford became a regular host of NBC's "The Chesterfield Supper Club".  From that point forward, Stafford was all over the radio and later, would have her own TV Show.  Her career would go on to span five decades.

Watch: "It Started All Over Again" by Jo Stafford and The Pied Pipers

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