Soundie: The Mel-Tones

Picture of The Mel-Tones

Today's Soundie is "Back Home In Indiana" by The Mel-Tones.  Unfortunately, it should be billed as "The Mel-Tones minus Mel" since Mel Tormé doesn't appear in this Soundie. An actor name Bernie Parke fills in and lip syncs Tormé's parts.

In researching this Soundie I have found two possible reasons for Tormé's absence.  Some say he was in the military at the time of filming, while others claim it was a contract restriction that kept him off camera.  Either way - he's not shown.

Take note of the quintet that are providing the music to this 1945 Soundie.  It looks like it contains Dave Barbour, Buddy Cole and Nick Fatool.

By the way, I'm sure you've noticed the image is in reverse.  This is a Soundie from an original reel and were produced this way to be shown on a Panoram.  I've covered this before in previous posts.  


Watch: "Back Home In Indiana" by The Mel-Tones

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