Watch: Recording Session of G.I. Journal

Picture of G.I. Journal

The G.I. Journal was a popular show that aired on the Armed Force Radio Service.  It was a variety show known mostly for it's comedy sketches but also featured a lot of good music including performances by Glenn Miller, Kay Kyser, Tommy Dorsey and many others.

In 1944, film footage of an episode of "G.I. Journal" being recorded appeared in a bi-weekly newsreel called The Army-Navy Screen Magazine which was viewed by U.S. soldiers.

This video clip includes a track featuring Kay Kyser and His Orchestra.  The beautiful Georgia Carroll provides the vocals.  Kyser was the guest host for the episode.  It provides a "behind the scenes" look at how they pulled off these great recordings.  I think you will find it interesting to watch.  Enjoy!

Watch: Kay Kyser hosting "G.I. Journal" in 1944

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