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Hey there everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that I've added a new section to the Swing City Radio Youtube Channel called "Ronnaldo's 78rpm Collection".

As of the moment, I only have a handful of videos posted in the section, but I will be adding a lot more in the future.  This will provide me a way to feature all the great music I find on my record hunting quests.  Some of these records are in horrible shape when I find them, and I take great pleasure in cleaning them up and digitizing them.  And now I get a chance to share them with you.  Snaps, pops, clicks and static included.  I do what I can to clean up the audio, but I do so while keeping the integrity of the recording in mind.

Listen to: "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" by Glenn Miller

Today's post includes a Glenn Miller Shellac 78 from 1941 released on the famous Bluebird label.  On Side A we find a song called "You Stepped Out Of A Dream" featuring Ray Eberle and The Modernaires on vocals.  Side B contains the track "Ring, Telephone Ring".  Not the most popular recordings released by Miller, but these are the tracks I see myself focusing on in these posts.  The songs that are sometimes forgotten. 😀 

Listen to: "Ring, Telephone Ring" by Glenn Miller

This 78 was found on the floor, covered with dust and grime in a local record store.  Let's just say it was in some dire need of love.  The audio, of course, is nowhere near CD quality.  But that's the beauty of it.  Enjoy! ...and don't forget to Subscribe to my Youtube Channel to listen to more of these great 78's as I add them.

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