Added Some More Shellac to YouTube (Mar 2024)

Pic of The Jumpin' Jive by Van Alexander

Last week I added some more of my 78rpms to the Youtube Channel.  Most of these came out sounding pretty good.  You should have seen the original condition some of these were in.  It's amazing that some of these sound as good as they do.

Included are tracks by Billy Butterfield, Van Alexander, Vaughn Monroe, Mal Hallett and Glenn Miller.  I really LOVE the Van Alexender version of "The Jumpin' Jive" which I included with this post.  It was released on the Bluebird Label in 1939.  There is some surface noise when at the beginning which I couldn't get rid of but overall it's pretty good quality.

You can listen to all of these on YouTube at: Ronnaldo's 78rpm Collection


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