The Sunday Morning Swing

Swing City Radio has discontinued The Sunday Morning Swing.

So how do you spend your Sunday mornings?  Do lounge around in pajamas sipping a delicious cup of coffee?  Maybe it's the one time in the week where you can sit down and have a relaxing breakfast with your family or spend some peaceful moments before going to church.

We all spend our precious Sunday Mornings in different ways.  Consider making The Sunday Morning Swing a new part of your routine.  Ease through your morning with the relaxing, smooth sounds of the Big Bands.  The Sunday Morning Swing features the softer Big Band favorites from the 1930's and 40's.  Let's make Big Band Music on Sunday mornings a tradition.  The show is even better with a great cup of coffee.

By the way, I like my coffee strong and bold.  No cream or sugar for this guy.  :)

Listen every Sunday Morning from 8am EST to 11am EST.

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