The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra

The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra

There are some great dance bands out today carrying the "torch" for the iconic Big Bands that you hear on Swing City Radio.  One band that has truly nailed down the sound of the 1930's and 40's is a talented band out of New York City, The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra!  We are currently featuring their Christmas song "Over the River and Through the Wood" in our Christmas music rotation.  The song can be found on their album: Underneath the Mistletoe.  You can listen to or purchase the song right now at:

The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra is a New York City based band led by Butler, Pennsylvania born, Glenn Crytzer.  Other members include: Sam Hoyt, Jason Prover, Mike Davis, Rob Edwards, Jim Fryer, Joe McDonough, Jay Ratman, Dennis Lichtman, Dan Block, Matt Koza, Ricky Alexander, Bryan Reeder, Ian Hutchison and Andrew Millar.  This extremely talented group of musicians specializes in the authentic performance of big band and dance band music from the 1930's and 40's as well as new original music composed and arranged in the classic styles of this period. They were voted Best Group in the 2017 NYC Fans Decide Jazz Poll which was sponsored by Hot House Magazine.

Some of The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra's music has even appeared in a variety of TV programs and films by Disney, MGM, ABC, and more.

To learn more about The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra be sure to check out their website at: as well as their Facebook Fan Page at: and be sure to listen for their Christmas song "Over the River and Through the Wood" playing now on Swing City Radio.

For those of you out there that think things like "They just don't make music like they used to!" Then I STRONGLY encourage you to listen to The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra songs found at:  You won't be disappointed.

Of course, you can also hear The Glenn Crytzer Orchestra right here on Swing City Radio.

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