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Pic of Kim and Mike Cypher

Kim Cypher, a Cheltenham UK based saxophonist, vocalist and composer, will release her new single "Crazy Times" on November 20th, 2020. Kim is joined by her husband, Mike Cypher,  on this track and he handles all of the drums and percussion.  Kim Cypher's music can be regularly heard on "The Modern Block" which airs weekdays at 3pm (GMT-5) on Swing City Radio and features tracks by Modern Swing artists.

This Latin-Jazz track is inspired by the world-wide Covid-19 lockdowns; "Crazy Times" is a track and music video that demonstrates the power of music to bring people together, raise spirits and create a moment of escapism in these crazy times. Kim and Mike Cypher, composed, performed, produced and directed the single and it's accompanying video. This song is very upbeat and a lot of fun!

Watch the video:

Over the last few months I have expressed concern for unsigned and local musicians.  The bulk of their income comes from live performances.  With local bars, pubs and venues closed because of Covid-19 restrictions, many artists find themselves struggling just to keep their heads above water financially. Artist "branding" is also an issue. The word "branding" can sometimes be viewed as a negative, or corporate word in the music industry but it is what it is.  Musicians spend YEARS establishing their name, music, style and image (all of which are considered their "brand").  All of that hard work is now at risk during these "Crazy Times!"

Kim and Mike Cypher are a perfect example: 

Picture of Kim and Mike Cypher
Photo by Ron Milsom

Mike and Kim made a brave decision approximately 10 years ago to give up their comfortable, professional "day jobs" to follow their musical dreams of being full-time professional musicians. Having worked incredibly hard, putting out 2 highly respected albums and 2 UK album tours with sell-out shows in many prestigious jazz venues, music is clearly in their hearts and souls.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, for the first time in their musical careers, they felt genuine concern and great sadness as their full calendar of gigs was wiped out and their identity as musicians was put into jeopardy. The couple found great determination to ensure “the music will play on in these crazy times”.

Throughout all of the uncertainty, "Crazy Times" evolved into a community project reflecting the power of music to bring people together and raise spirits, focusing on the importance of kindness, compassion and unity. There is no greater time for the music to play on!

Back in September, Kim emailed me an advanced copy of the single.  I sent her a simple response which was: "WOW, I love it! It has already found a place in my personal collection." 

I highly suggest you check this single and video out.

You can learn more about Kim and Mike Cypher at:

Crazy Times
All Photos above by: Ron Milsom

~ Ronnaldo

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