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So, I'm not the biggest fan of Social Media overall.  I'm quite sure that if the station had a presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that word may get out to a wider audience.  But, I'm not a user of those platforms, it's just a personal preference, and I'll leave it to you, the listeners, to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.  That being said, I totally understand the importance Facebook and Twitter play in many people's lives and how they keep you connected with family and friends.  Please feel free to repost articles that you like from on your pages when you find them interesting.  At the end of every article you'll find little buttons that make sharing easy. Remember: "Sharing is Caring."  😀

Now, two platforms I do enjoy are Pinterest and Youtube. If you haven't checked out the Pinterest page in awhile you may want to give it a looksie.  Over the last year and a half, a lot of content has found it's way on there and it has become an impressive collection of images.  The Youtube Channel is also a lot of fun.  Most of the past podcasts are on there to listen to and I've been trying to add more and more Soundies when I can.

You can check them out at:
Pinterest Page - Click Here
Youtube Channel - Click Here

I hope you all have been enjoying Swing City Radio and The Big Band and Swing Podcast.  Keep listening everyone!

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Check it out at:

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