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Hey everyone!  This message is for those of you that listen to The "Big Band and Swing Podcast" with Spotify. Unfortunately, the podcast will no longer be carried on the platform.  

A few listeners have already reached out to me via email asking what other platforms the podcast is on so they can continue to listen.  The good news is that "The Big Band and Swing Podcast" is on nearly every large podcast platform (and many, many small platforms) and can be accessed through their apps.

Here just a small list of Podcast platforms you can listen on:
Apple Podcasts
Amazon Music
Antenna Pod
Google Podcasts
Listen Notes
Podcast Addict
and MANY, MANY, more.

You can always listen to it on the webpage I've set up specifically for the podcast at: https://podcast.swingcityradio.com/.

Or you can join my Patreon Page at SupportSwing.com and receive all new episodes via email every release day.

Let me know if you have any questions and sorry for the confusion. Most importantly, keep listening! :)

~ Ronnaldo 

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