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Swing City Radio has decided to discontinue airing our show "Live at 5".  We will be introducing new programming in this time slot in the future.  If you have any comments or issues, please leave them in the comments section below or email us your comments here.

Thank you!  ...and thanks for listening to Swing City Radio.

About Live at 5:
Please keep in mind, some of the recordings featured on the show are almost 100 years old. Time has been spent trying to clean up some the audio, but the quality at times, on some of these recordings can be a little sketchy.  There may be some audio garbles, a brief volume drop or two and some pops, but they shouldn't take away from the enjoyment of the recording.  That being said, the content of these shows are classic, so if you need to adjust your volume a bit, I hope you'll find that it's worth it.

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