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This Week on Live at 5

This week we have some great Big Band performances on Live at 5 including:

Monday (01/27): Freddy Nagel: Live from Empire Room - Sep 21, 1947

Tuesday (01/28): Sammy Kaye: Live from Hotel William Penn - June 10,1940

Wednesday (01/29): Gene Krupa: Live from The Meadowbrook -Jan 31, 1940

Thursday (01/30): Glenn Miller: Live from The Paradise Restaurant - Dec 30, 1938

Friday (01/31): Ella Fitzgerald: Live from The Roseland Ballroom - Feb 2, 1940

Please keep in mind, some of the recordings featured on the show are almost 100 years old. Time has been spent trying to clean up some the audio, but the quality at times, on some of these recordings can be a little sketchy.  There may be some audio garbles, a brief volume drop or two and some pops, but they shouldn't take away from the enjoyment of the recording.  That being said, the content of these shows are classic, so if you need to adjust your volume a bit, I hope you'll find that it's worth it.

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