Watch: Glenn Crytzer Performance

Glenn Crytzer

I had the unexpected pleasure yesterday to watch a performance by Glenn Crytzer and the Celesta Quartet live streamed on Youtube.  I included the video below.  Great performance, you'll LOVE IT!  It took place in an alley behind his place and the sound quality is very good.

If you are not familiar with Glenn Crytzer, he is based out of the New York City area and his bands are top notch.  They sound like they just stepped out of a time machine from the 1940's.  You can hear his music on our show The Modern Block which airs on Swing City Radio at 3pm and 3am EST every weekday.  I can't say enough good things about this band so be sure to check them out.  ...and if you have some money burning in your pocket, consider throwing some change into their virtual tip jar.  In these times of Covid-19, it's quite tough for musicians to make a living.  Enjoy!

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