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A message from Ronnaldo about donating to Modern Swing and Big Band artists:

"I want to thank you so much for your donations in the past, but right now is not the time to be donating to Swing City Radio - there's a more pressing need in these times... 

There are so many modern swing bands out there that are financially suffering because of the Pandemic.  These bands rely on Live Performances for most of their income and with so many places shut down - there's just no where to play.

If you find yourself really digging the music of a specific artist you hear on the Modern Block then consider lending them a hand and show how much you appreciate their music.  Check out their websites, Facebook pages or Youtube Channels and see if they offer a way that you can donate to them.  Throw some coins into their jars.

Remember, these are the musicians keeping the vintage sound we all love - alive!  So show them some love."

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